MEDGAL, Polonia


MEDGAL was founded in February 1982 by the current owner - mgr inż. Józef Borowski.
Initially, the activity was related to precision mechanics, and from the second half of the eighties the company focused on the design, production and sale of medical devices.
In the 1990s, their company started the production of the first orthopedic implants, initially relatively simple, with time becoming more and more complicated and technologically advanced.


  • Traumatology

> bone screws

> Compression screws

> Blocked bone plates

> Simple bone plates

> Shaped bone plates

> Angular bone plates

> Dynamic Hip Support (DHS)

> Dynamic Condylar Stabilizer (DCS)

> Nails, Arrowheads, Wires, Bone clamps

> Intramedullary locked nails

> Implants for the treatment of inflammation

  • Maxillofacial surgery

Micro & mini tiles


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